New Product Announcement

You asked For It! Romaine Electric Delivers it!

    Yes, our engineering team has re-invented the mouse trap and has captured Mighty Mouse inside the box! The Denso P5.0 starter has been one of the industry’s most successful designs. However, the original design had a flaw, which resulted in premature solenoid failure. The original solenoid design used angled contacts. If the installer slightly over-tightened the solenoid battery post nut when installing the starter, the geometry of the contact studs and its mating contact became skewed, resulting in pinpoint contact, causing arcing and burning. This connection is paramount in the starting circuit and must carry initial inrush currents of up to 300A! An inspection of a failed solenoid will look like this, and is common.

Romaine Electric has re-engineered one of the industry’s most durable starter motors to arrive at the P5000 Xtended Duty starter motor.                                                                                                      


      Romaine has redesigned these contacts to ensure a positive contact every time! During our redesign, we also increased the overall contact surface area by 20% to further enhance its current carrying ability. What does it mean? Take a look at the following videos to see!




(Click here for a video of the OEM solenoid operating with its fireworks)


(Click here for a video with re-designed contacts)


     The P5000 also comes complete with IMS relay which ensures proper control circuit voltage and nullifies vehicle voltage drops that also reduce solenoid life.  The P5000 is simply the most bulletproof class 7 & 8 starter available today!


The P5000 Features:

·         Redesigned solenoid contact design that eliminates chatter and arcing and supplies longer service life!

·         Compact and lightweight, weighs only 39 pounds! (Compare this lightweight for ease of installation to a 63 pound 42MT!)

·         Soft start pinion engagement for longer ring gear life 

·         High torque for faster starts and improved cold weather performance

·         Lower amp draw than conventional direct drive starters

·         IMS relay switch for increased control circuit reliability

·         Needle bearing construction on drive and  ball bearing on commutator end for long life

·         12 month unlimited mileage warranty



·         Class 8 OTR trucks

·         On and off road, Gravel, concrete and dirt haulers

·         Refuse Trucks

·         Food and beverage (Solves those start and stop failure issues

·         Drop in replacement for: 10-16 Liter Caterpillar C11, C12, C13 & C15,

            Detroit 60 Series, Cummins M, ISM, N14, ISX, Volvo VE, Mack E7 engines.


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